Nature, the stars, the universe


As druid I connect deeply with source and mother earth

Connecting with nature helps me to live my spirituality with both feet on the ground and thereby to support myself and others with life at this moment on Earth.
I live as much as possible with the rhythm of nature, follow the natural seasons of the wheel of the year. The celebrations of the nature annuals is a very nice part of that!
Life and nature is full of wonder and magic, let's enjoy that!




I would like to pass on the experience gained with the handfasting ceremonies in recent years.
Do you want to learn how to perform a handfasting nature ceremony in an in-depth way?

E-book help with writing your vows

Do you want inspiration when writing your vows for your wedding and/or handfasting ceremony?
Let the free e-book Inspiration from nature help.

Certified celebrant

I successfully completed the Celebrating Life course at the School of Celebrancy,
the Order of Bards, Ovates & Druids.

Photo Désiree at the homepage and photo this page : Renske Zwaan Photography