Handfasting ceremony


What all the love couples who did the handfasting have in common was their desire to be able to affirm, celebrate and express their deep heart connection in their own personal way.
And their love for nature!

José and Ron

"We couldn't have wished for a more beautiful place, everything was right.
It was an unforgettable ceremony, one of the most beautiful days of our lives..."

Photo © Marlies Hegge

Handfasting Desiree Overeem
Handfasting Desiree Overeem

Annouk and Roland 2020

"We look back on a beautiful day and ceremony, to which you also made a very important contribution!
We enjoyed it immensely!"

Photo © Epic Lovestories

Handfasting Desiree Overeem

Annouk and Roland 2021
Weekend with Handfasting & Yes word 

It was a magical weekend...
We will never forget these days, so beautiful...!

Photo © Renske Zwaan Photography

Angela and Pieter

Désiree, Thank you for the beautiful ceremony
It was very special for us...

Photo © Angela de Baat Photography

Angela en Pieter

Charlotte and Peter

"We are very grateful for how beautifully and lovingly you handled our ceremony, told our story beautifully.
It was a day to remember..."

Monique and René

"It was beautiful and personal...
I can recommend Désiree to any couple who wants something special..."

Photo © Giel Ketting

To create unforgettably beautiful memories is what I'm all about!