Handfasting ceremony


Step by step towards shaping your handfasting ceremony

The first contact
Through mail or a phone call we have the first contact. You provide the date and location of your ceremony.

Introductory conversation
Then we have a no-obligation online introductory meeting to see if it clicks mutually.

If it clicks between us and it feels right, we will have an appointment and we can discuss your wishes and the ceremony in detail and we can discuss your wishes and the ceremony in detail during the intake. This conversation can take place at your home if you live in the area of Ederveen, Netherlands, at my home in Ederveen or online.

Questionnaire via email
You will both then receive a questionnaire via email, which you will complete independently.
Answer from your heart and consult as little as possible, feel free to put words to your love for your partner!

Writing out the ceremony and speech
With the information from the questionnaire and our personal conversation, I will write out the ceremony and speech. Your love story will be poured into words and sound.

Contact moments
We keep in touch via whatsapp and email in between.

Writing vows

If you want help or inspiration in writing your vows, I can help. Also check out my free e-book for inspiration in writing your vows.

The day itself...

On the day of the ceremony, I am present well in advance. To quietly prepare myself so that everything is ready for the moment....
Your Moment...

Want to ask a question or have a no-obligation introductory meeting?
Contact me at 06-20620930 or contact@desireeovereem.nl

Foto's: Renske Zwaan Photography