Light Language

soul drawing


The universal language of the soul

With the light healing session you are supported to get out of your head and into your body, to actually feel, in connection with your heart and intuition.
I scan your energy field and your body for blockages, I help you release and drain them.
With my light language I activate the ability to heal yourself, I act as a channel and lighter at that moment.
A DNA upgrade is being done, so to speak, so that you can continue on your path. I also help you with my light language to remind you of the light language that is hidden in you.

I hear from my clients that they feel lighter and freer after a session, dare and be able to take the next steps.
And it often happens that the light language has awakened in themselves!

Written Lightcodes

In my drawings are light codes, written and drawn in different dialects from my multidimensional higher self in connection with the source.

These can be light codes from the Galactic, Angelic, Dragon and Natural Beings - Fae dimensions to lovingly support us.
Our subconscious understands this, just like with the gestures and the speaking of light language.
These light codes work through your energy field and are there to support and empower you and to help awaken the light within you.

Soul drawing

For a soul drawing I tune in to your energy, your higher self, your soul.
From there, a drawing is created that contains many layers and information especially for you.

To help you live your life here on earth as it is meant to be; from your heart in light, love, freedom and sovereignty.


Coach and intuitive healer

I am a certified life coach; creating a save space for you during the healing and mentoring sessions is my first priority.

This is the time to look at, feel through and let go of the accumulated experiences and traumas from our childhood, past lives and recent experiences. Doing our shadowwork. 
By releasing and transforming, you get closer and closer to your true self, your core, and you can live more lightly.

We are much more than just our mind, our earthly body.
We are multidimensional beings of light with a great capacity to shape our own lives through manifestation, our thought power, through our intuition.

We can create, heal and support ourselves and others with abilities that are yet to be discovered.
Let the light language help you with this!

Foto bovenaan: Renske Zwaan Photography