Light Language

The time has come to shine your light
Your true power!


We are much more than just our mind, our earthly body.
are multidimensional beings of light with a great capacity to shape our own lives through manifestation, our thought power, through our intuition.
We can create, heal and support ourselves and others with abilities that are yet to be discovered.

Through my light language drawings and during a light language healing session I tune in to your higher self and your energetic field, you will be supported in your ascension process, to remove blockages, to let go of what no longer serves you, to be more and more yourself.


• Personal licht language drawing 
• Intuitive Light language healing session
• Mentoring session; coaching and healing to support you
• Workshop licht language drawing online and @artstudio in Ederveen, Holland

The new webshop will soon be online with light language prints and original light language art.

Written Lightcodes

Lightcodes are written in the drawings in different dialects like galactic, dragon, fae and angelic dialects, to lovingly support us.
These codes will be understood by our subconsciousness, just like light language gestures and speaking.

The light codes work through into your energy field and are there to support and empower you.



Intuïtive writing and drawing Light Language


  • You have started writing symbols of light language codes or feel they are coming

  • You are attracted to light language

  • You speak and/or sign light language and want to try whether you can also write these light codes

Does the above apply to you? You're welcome to join.

Light language is not something you can learn, it comes from within.
However, with this workshop I can help you to understand the language of light so that you can unfold it when it lies dormant in you and carefully looks for a way out.

The workshop is an invitation to write and draw from your intuition, your feeling, to express what lives inside of you. How you can support yourself with it in the first place.

We begin with a meditation, to connect with mother earth, the universe and our light team en then we start with writing and drawing.

During the workshop we create together a safe space for everyone to express themselves, there is also room for light language speaking and gestures to encourage each other and express what wants to come out.

With the online workshop via zoom, we all make sure we have our own favorite writing material, drink and goodies at hand and having a good time together!

There is plenty of drawing material available on location in the studio in Ederveen in the Netherlands, but you can of course also bring your own favorite writing and drawing materials.
Coffee, tea and some sweets are provided.

Make an oppointment

  • €55,-
    Light Language drawing tailored to you personally  (excl. shipping)

  • €65,-
    Healing Session Ederveen, Holland
    50 minutes

  • €65,-
    Healing Session online
    50 minutes

  • €65,-
    Mentoring Session online
    50 minutes

  • €95,-
    Healing Session + Personal light language drawing

  • €40,-
    Workshop writing & drawing
    light language Online
    Friday 11-11-2022 van 19:00 tot 21:00 uur CEST Amsterdam timezone

  • €45,-
    Workshop writing and drawing light language @artstudio in Ederveen, Netherlands
    (Contact me or wait until the next date is released)

  • On request
    Course Handfasting

You wille receive a paypall payment request after making the appointment.


This is the time to look at, feel through and let go of the accumulated experiences and traumas from our childhood, past lives and recent experiences. Doing our shadowwork. 
By releasing and transforming, you get closer and closer to your true self, your core, and you can live more lightly.

Let the light language help you with this!