The handfasting ceremony is a beautiful ancient tradition of symbolically tying your hands together with ribbons to celebrate your love and heart connection for each other.

Symbolic marriage commitment

You want to celebrate love in your own personal way, like a handfasting.
Or you may like to have a symbolic wedding commitment such as handfasting before or after the legal marriage at the municipality or if you become or are already registered partners. You can!
A symbolic marriage commitment is not a legal commitment.

You will receive a beautiful symbolic certificate from me as a memento.

How does the handfasting go?

During the handfasting ceremony, there is an exchange of vows and the joining of hands with ribbons.

Your hands will be joined during the ceremony and untied after saying vows and/or a blessing wish.
The vows can be a few words, a poem, song or a longer vow.

Designing your own ceremony

You can see it all before your eyes.... You dream of a commitment ritual in the middle of nature, just the two of you. Or with a few loved ones in attendance.
A ceremony to celebrate and empower your love and connection with words and symbolism, in peace and quiet and the beautiful nature around you.

This is where I come in, I love to think and dream with you to design and bring to life together a beautiful and personal commitment ritual, a memory to remember....

Your heartbeat fused together

The tying of hands symbolizes coming together as a couple and beautifully affirms the love for each other.
When you hold each other's hand your wrists are on top of each other, this symbolizes a shared heartbeat, your hearts beating close and connected.
Your hearts fused together....

The loosening of hands symbolizes staying together of one's own free will.

The elements

A powerful and deepening way to celebrate your connection to each other and Mother Earth is to incorporate the symbolism of the corners and the elements air, fire, water and earth into the ceremony.

If you want some of the important people in your life to play a special role in the handfasting ceremony, we will look together at what the possibilities are and what feels right for you and also for the person(s) who will have a contribution in the ceremony.

Symbolism color ribbons

The choice of ribbons, cord or rope is very personal as is the choice of color.

The meaning and feeling with color can vary from person to person.
Below is the symbolism described of colors, but feel free to give it your own value.

Pink: love & romance, unity, happiness, honor, truth
Red: love, power, passion, fertility, lust
Orange: kindness, encouragement, attraction, enough
Yellow: harmony, joy, balance, charm, confidence
Green: happiness, abundance, finance, fertility, charity, health
Light blue: calmness, understanding & patience, dedication, sincerity
Dark blue: a safe journey, longevity and strength
Purple: power, healing, progress, sentimentality
Black: pure love, power, success, wisdom, vision
White: truth, serenity, purity, concentration, peace
Gray: balance and neutrality
Brown: the earth, grounding, nurturing, skills & talent, home & heart
Silver: creativity, inspiration & vision, protection
Gold: unity, strength, longevity, energy, prosperity

Rate handfasting ceremony


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After you agree to the agreement, I ask for a deposit of 20% of the fee amount.
The invoice is exempt from VAT.
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