Let me introduce



Creative with a warm heart for people and animals, deeply connected with nature, the stars and beyond

Being in nature makes me happy!
In nature I unwind, recharge and it helps me to be in the now moment.
I love reading, drawing and animals, cats and birds in particular, and I can really enjoy a delicious goat milk latte.

As a child, I enjoyed being on and around our farm, meadows and the woods at the Veluwe.
Our family lived closely with nature and the cycle of seasons.
I had a deep knowing early on that we are all part of nature, connected with all.

It is my soul mission to ignite the light in people, to celebrate love and life and to be at service for our highest good.

Being able to be yourself in your own unique way, in connection with yourself, each other and nature.
Shaping your life and life moments the way you want them to be.

That's what I'm going for!

Warm wishes,
Désiree /|\

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