Lighter Life Transformation path

Choose for yourself in all your aspects, on to a lighter life

Lighter life

A particularly transformative and deepening path with body-oriented life coaching, breath work, light language healing, nature connection and ritual in which we walk together for a while.

  • You feel you want a change in your life, in which you choose to be you.
  • In which there may be healing on a deep level.
  • From uncertainty and fear to strength and confidence.
  • Where you gain clarity in your mind and your life.
  • Where you take the helm, connecting with your self, listening to your feelings, your heart.
  • In which you do what you enjoy and what gives you satisfaction.

Your unique being is allowed to be seen and be heard

Your thinking, your feeling, your being, your body, you inner child, your shadow side, your energy, your spirituality and nature connection are addressed and whatever else may present itself.

Does the above appeal to you, touch you?
Then this Lighter Life Transformation Path is for you, it consists of:

2 healing sessions
6 coaching sessions
1 light language soul drawing A4

In practice, online and in nature.
An intake interview will take place at the start of the process

The sequence of sessions and receiving the drawing are completely tailored to you.

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