Let go of what no longer serves you, strengthen the connection with your head, body and soul and follow your heart.

Choose body-oriented lifecoaching and healing inside and in nature.

The practice is in Ederveen, Netherlands, also online.
Be welcome!


When do you choose coaching with Désiree?

• You want to find out about your soul mission and/or want to bring it into the world

• You can't get out of it yourself and relax, your thoughts keep spinning around in your head

• You feel rushed and tense and want to find out where this comes from

• You have become burnt out

• You want to convert your high sensitivity from burden to strength

• You need to talk to someone outside your family and friends circle

• You are faced with a difficult choice, private or work, and it is impossible not to make it

• You're fed up with how you keep feeling and want to do something about it

• You want to live more from your heart and start doing what you really like

• You need to be more in touch with your body

• You are a lightworker | starseed and could use some help to stand in your power and your light

Take back control of your life

If you are reading this text about coaching now, it is most likely that you are ready to take control of your life again, to deal with what is now draining your energy and hindering your zest for life.
To learn to move with life and to gain insights and tools.

It may be difficult for you to deal with your high sensitivity, what would it be like for you as an HSP to bring that burden to strength? And how to use your special qualities and skills correctly?

It may also be that you feel that you have a mission to do here on earth...that can be a strong feeling but often very vague.
What could that be? And how do you use that?

lichaamsgerichte coaching Desiree Overeem
Coach praktijk Desiree Overeem

Coaching en healing

We all have a deeper knowing within ourselves, which has often been pushed into the background by childhood traumas and events in life.
There are blockages in yourself and obstructive thoughts that are often stronger than the voice of your intuition, knowing you deeper.

The coaching makes this clear step by step, so that you will feel what you really need to take a rest, to feel nice and free again.

That's where I come in, I support you in this and help you get back on track.
From my own experience in life, I have been burned out, highly sensitive and lightworker, and with my acquired knowledge I support you with the various attributes from my toolbox such as body-oriented life coaching, breathing sessions and intuitive light language healing.

How it works

If you want to know if coaching is something for you and you want to get acquainted first, you can do so with a free online introductory meeting.
You can tell me what your request for help is and we will discuss which form of coaching suits it and whether we feel a match to start the coaching together.

The coaching can be a 1 on 1 conversation in the practice room in Ederveen and outside in nature.
Another great option is a body-oriented session on the massage table in which breathing plays a major role in connecting more with your body and letting go on a deeper level and being able to feel what is going on in yourself.
If desired, I also combine coaching with healing, everything in consultation and what you feel good about.

My strength lies in being able to listen well, rest, my intuition, analytical skills, compassion, high sensitivity and my skills such as being able to transfer energy from my hands , feeling clear and being able to receive information as a channel in image and word.

Take the step to take your place in life

Happy, full of energy and balanced.
Embrace your light and your true power, you are worth it!



Coaching or light language healing session can be booked separately

In my practice in Ederveen, online and in nature

Package Coaching


4 coaching sessions
lifecoaching, breath work, nature coaching

In my practice, online and
in nature

Lighter Life


2 healing sessions
6 coaching sessions
light language soul drawing A4

In my practice, online and
in nature

The rates are exempt from VAT. 
The sessions are not reimbursed by insurance.
You can declare it to the tax authorities and employers often are willingly to pay a contribution for their employee.
It is possible to pay in parts.

If you want to have the coaching and healing sessions online, contact me.