General Terms and Conditions

  • Désiree Overeem, Dutch Chamber of Commerce 74007629, VAT number NL002140322B17
  • These general conditions apply to all offers by, agreements with and work performed by Désiree Overeem.

Ceremonies and rituals

  • In these general terms and conditions, the following terms shall have the following meanings:
    Désiree Overeem, ceremony speaker, who takes care of the ceremony and/or ritual the client every natural person who has entered into an agreement with Désiree Overeem or wishes to enter into an agreement every offer made by Désiree Overeem, accepted by the client, or every assignment given by the client to Désiree Overeem and accepted by the latter services performed by Désiree Overeem in the framework of an agreement between Désiree Overeem and the client.
  • An agreement between the client and Désiree Overeem is established after written signature or agreement via e-mail by both parties of an agreement made by Désiree Overeem. The quote given by Désiree Overeem does not include travel, lodging or parking expenses.
  • After entering into an agreement, Désiree Overeem will send an invoice. Of this amount, 20% is paid in advance. Upon cancellation, Désiree Overeem will retain the amount of the deposit due to services already rendered.
  • Désiree Overeem will definitively reserve the date in the agenda after this payment. The final invoice will be sent approximately one week before the ceremony date. All payments should be made within 2 weeks after the invoice date to bank account NL61 RABO 0340 8089 42 in the name of Desiree Overeem.
  • The client shall owe Désiree Overeem all extrajudicial and judicial costs if it fails to pay a sum due and payable by Désiree Overeem in spite of being given notice of default and Désiree Overeem hands the claim over to third parties.
  • Accident/illness Désiree Overeem, calamities. The Client cannot claim compensation if Désiree Overeem is unable to meet its obligations due to force majeure, such as; strikes, transport difficulties, traffic jams, detour, illness, death or matters that may be considered force majeure. In exceptional cases where the government denies individuals access to public and government buildings. In these cases, Désiree Overeem will search with great care for a replacement and/or other solution, of course in consultation with the client.
  • Désiree Overeem is not liable for any damage which may be incurred by the client or third parties as a result of services provided by Désiree Overeem, unless there is evidence of gross negligence or intent on the part of Désiree Overeem. The compensation to be paid by Désiree Overeem for an attributable failure in the performance of the assignment shall in any event not exceed the amount of the contract between Désiree Overeem and the client (including VAT).
  • In case of cancellation of the assignment by the client, Désiree Overeem will charge the following costs:
    - Cancellation up to 30 days before the start of the (wedding) ceremony 20% of the total amount
    (this refers to the down payment)
    - For cancellation up to 14 days before the start of the (wedding) ceremony 50% of the total amount
    - For cancellation in the last 7 days before the (wedding) ceremony 100% of the total amount.
    The cancellation must be made in writing by registered mail.
    1)In case of postponement of the ceremony due to restrictions by the government, no extra costs will be charged.
    2)The date of the ceremony can also be moved free of charge in case of illness/serious or insurmountable circumstances of the couple and/or their relatives, always in consultation with Désiree Overeem.
  • The agreement ends with immediate effect and without judicial intervention in case of:
    - death of the extraordinary registrar of births, deaths and marriages of Désiree Overeem.
    Dutch law applies to agreements concluded with Désiree Overeem.

The legal AVG applies and the Privacy Statement is enclosed.

As of January 1, 2022, the invoice will no longer show VAT, because of the small business scheme, VAT will not be requested and paid.

By entering into the agreement, Desiree Overeem is granted permission for automatic processing of personal data obtained from the agreement. Désiree Overeem will use this personal data exclusively for her own activities.
Ederveen - December 2021